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Karl Urban says 'conversations are happening' for Dredd TV revival
May 2, 2016

With a potential film sequel seemingly not in the cards, the team behind the 2012 cult hit Dredd is apparently gauging interest for a small-screen adaptation.

With film sequel unlikely, Dredd fans now fighting for TV continuation
Jan 15, 2016

Hollywood isn’t fair, and the fact that Dredd was a box-office bomb is an absolute travesty. But the mid-budget sci-fi flick has earned its share of fans — and they’re not ready to give up just yet.

Exclusive: Ex Machina writer/director Alex Garland on 'small' sci-fi films, sentient machines and going mainstream
Apr 28, 2015

One of the best films of the year so far is Ex Machina, the directorial debut of screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland.

Alex Garland on the 'complicated set of emotions' surrounding Dredd's failure
Mar 20, 2015

You may not know this, but 2012's Dredd was an awesome movie. Sadly, it was also a box-office bomb. So what does the man who poured his heart and soul into the project think about the failure?

Dredd producer Adi Shankar breaks down what it'll take to get a sequel made
Mar 6, 2015

Though the film was a box-office dud, Dredd is still an awesome movie — and a fierce little contingent of fans is still clamoring for a sequel. 


Adi Shankar's insane, bootleg animated Judge Dredd miniseries is now online
Oct 27, 2014

While we patiently wait for news of a sequel, kick back and enjoy Adi Shankar’s new, bootleg animated Judge Dredd miniseries. Fair warning: It’s weird, but awesome.

Dredd is back in first full trailer for Adi Shankar's bootleg animated miniseries
Oct 23, 2014

The wait continues for a sequel to the excellent 2012 sci-fi action flick Dredd, but producer Adi Shankar got tired of waiting and decided to make this. It looks weird, but kind of awesome.

Image of the Day: First poster from the upcoming Dredd animated miniseries, Superfiend
Oct 21, 2014

It may be a while until we finally get an official sequel to Dredd but, in the meantime, this could be the next-best thing.

Dredd producer reveals plans for secret, unofficial Dark Judges miniseries
Oct 7, 2014

It’s been two years since Dredd blew our minds — and bombed at the box office — but fans are still campaigning for a sequel. Well, turns out we’re getting the next-best thing.

Dredd co-star thanks fans for Day of Dredd's attempt to get a sequel made
Oct 3, 2014

The film adaptation of Judge Dredd (the good one) was beloved by fans, but was a box-office dud. Still, basically everyone wants a sequel.

Dredd producer on the status of that sequel: 'There's no effing script'
May 2, 2014

Though star Karl Urban set our geek hearts aflutter with confirmation that talks are underway about a Dredd sequel, the film’s producer just dropped a big, fat dose of reality.

Watch Karl Urban's hope-filled message for Dredd fans still holding on for a sequel
Apr 4, 2014

Have we seen the last of Judge Dredd? Not if his portrayer Karl Urban has anything to say about it.

I am the law! Karl Urban reveals recent movement on a Dredd sequel
Feb 25, 2014

Despite the fact that Dredd's box-office haul was abysmal, the film has found some momentum with its home release — and it might just be enough to warrant a sequel.

Don't give up! Karl Urban promises Dredd sequel ain't dead yet
May 16, 2013

Despite the fact that it was awesome, Karl Urban’s big screen Dredd reboot was a major box office bomb.