drake's fortune

Nathan Fillion wants YOU (to help him star in Drake's Fortune)
Dec 14, 2012

Ever since it was announced that David O. Russell would be directing a big-screen adaptation of the videogame Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the online buzz has been that the role of the treasure-hunting descendant of Sir Francis Drake should go to Firefly's Nathan Fillion. And you know who agrees? Nathan Fillion!

Sorry, Nathan Fillion: Mark Wahlberg IS Uncharted's Nathan Drake
Dec 14, 2012

Poor Nathan Fillion. His bid to become Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie adaptation of the very popular game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has ended—because Mark Wahlberg just confirmed that HE IS Drake.

Nathan Fillion has a shot at starring in Drake's Fortune after all
Dec 14, 2012

Nathan Fillion (and Nathan Fillion fans) must be feeling a glimmer of hope right about now, because it seems Mark Wahlberg may NOT be playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie after all. That is, IF we can believe the director of the upcoming Uncharted 3 videogame.