For more than a century now, Dracula's been an inescapable part of popular culture. Check out news about upcoming dracula movies, series and more!

Acclaimed artist Alex Ross reveals first look at his Universal Monsters art series
Nov 4, 2016

Universal's classic monsters get the deluxe Alex Ross treatment in this new art collection

Candyman's Tony Todd grabs Dracula role in new Canadian audio drama
Jun 6, 2016

Bram Stoker's Dracula scores a prestigious new audio drama with Tony Todd as the infamous vampire.

Universal's monster movie brain trust on how their universe will fit together
Nov 17, 2015

Universal is still rebuilding its monster movie universe, and we're getting a clearer picture of how they're doing it.

The Geekender October 9-11: NYCC, Dracula pinball, and Scream Queens!
Oct 9, 2015

This weekend, the Blastr staff is digging into everything from museum exhibits to horror pinball. 

Police sketch proves we don't really know what Dracula looks like
Jul 4, 2015

The Composites is a tumblr wherein Brian Joseph Davis utilizes police sketch software, combined with descriptions from literary works, to craft accurate graphic representations of popular fictional characters. Guess how Dracula turned out?

Every Christopher Lee Dracula movie ranked
Jun 19, 2015

Christopher Lee played Dracula A LOT. Here's our look at the lot, from worst to best.

Sir Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93
Jun 11, 2015

The man who made Dracula a legend and brought Saruman to life on the big screen has passed away.

Vlad vs. Vlad, part 3: Luke Evans on the real Dracula, Universal Monsters...and fangs-fests?
Feb 5, 2015

In our final video from Romania, we discuss Evans' thoughts on the real Vlad, when he first encountered Dracula, and how the vampire might behave in the Monsters franchise.

Vlad vs. Vlad: An interview with Luke Evans about Dracula Untold, and an exploration of the Impaler's Romania
Feb 3, 2015

We journey to Transylvania, and surrounding Romania, with Luke Evans to stake out the facts and fiction of Universal's Dracula Untold.

These are the writers Universal's trusting to revive their monster movies
Nov 13, 2014

Universal has assembled a writers' room to tackle its monster universe revival, and here's who'll be in it.

The Prince of Darkness lives in 21 creepy Dracula comic book covers
Oct 16, 2014

Take a spooky trip through Dracula's fang-tastic comic-book history.

The 10 strangest twists on classic horror tales
Oct 10, 2014

Horror's classic monsters have starred in some unusual movies ...