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May 6, 2016

Ferocious demons descend on space marines in this latest preview for id Software's Doom.

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After 18 years, Germany finally says it's OK for kids to play Doom
Jul 4, 2015

First person shooters may be a dime a dozen now, but there was a time when only a scant few franchises in the genre existed. In the early '90s, none was more popular than Doom ... except in Germany, apparently.

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The video game gurus at Bethesda are working on a full-on reboot of the FPS classic Doom, but we almost got a very different spin on the man vs. demon series.

Image of the day: Terrifying sculpture brings classic videogame Doom to gory life
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8 films prove the Red Planet may be a dead planet at the box office
Dec 17, 2012

With a budget that's reportedly swelled to well over $250 million (or maybe not), John Carter already has a long mountain to climb if it wants to be deemed a hit. Add in the fact that experts believe it will bomb hard at the box office, and things really don't look promising.