Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle almost reveals Avengers 2 plot, Marvel reacts accordingly

Is Marvel really as secretive as everyone says? Yes! Actor Don Cheadle found out what happens when you try to cross the studio.

Iron Patriot's ready for war in new Iron Man 3 poster

Never fear, Col. James Rhodes is here. Iron Man 3's latest poster paints Rhodey as the hero.

Don Cheadle returns as a freaky Captain Planet in new NSFW video

Oh, Captain Planet! For a brief few years in the early '90s, one of the strangest superheroes ever inspired kids everywhere to "take pollution down to zero." But what would happen if he went power mad and starting turning everybody into trees and broccoli?

Captain Planet loves the environment a bit too much in NSFW video

Remember that 1990-1992 animated show Captain Planet and the Planeteers or its sequel The New Adventures of Captain Planet? Actor Don Cheadle does, and he's helped make a live-action parody of the cartoon. It even has an environmental message ... which he delivers with a few four-letter words.