Dominic West

Look who was almost Mance Rayder on Thrones' S3 (but said NO)
Dec 17, 2012

Game of Thrones fans are still waiting to see who will finally get cast as the often mentioned King-Beyond-the-Wall, Mance Rayder, for the upcoming third season of the hit HBO series. One actor came very close to being cast as this important character—but ultimately said NO.

Watch 1st 10 minutes of ghost-busting The Awakening pic NOW
Dec 17, 2012

We don't get nearly enough solid, compelling ghost stories, especially in the summer time. Thank goodness, The Awakening is coming out soon and the first 10 minutes are right here to check already.

Dominic West joins the cast of John Carter of Mars
Dec 14, 2012

Andrew Stanton's adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books gains three more stars.