Doctor Who

Zygons inverted and sonic sunglasses: Don't trust the Doctor in latest Who round-up
Dany Roth

Doctor Who's ninth new season is less than a month away. If you just can't wait, here's some hints to tide you over.

Doctor Who's Steven Moffat doesn't understand why 'Blink' is such a fan favorite
Carol Pinchefsky

Doctor Who's Steven Moffat and producer Derek Ritchie talk about ‘Blink’. 


New Doctor Who trailer goes dark fantasy, as Maisie Williams arrives and Clara has a bazooka
Trent Moore

A brand-new trailer for Doctor Who’s new season has arrived, and it looks like the beloved BBC series will be taking a turn into dark fantasy this fall.

The TV of Toy Fair 2015: Doctor Who, Buffy, Orphan Black, Star Trek, and more!
Tara Bennett

Some of the most prevalent licenses on the floor at this year's American International Toy Fair were related to sci-fi television. From classic to contemporary shows, there was no shortage of tempting collectibles in every price range.

The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors are set for a team-up (in comics)
Matthew Jackson

One of the biggest Doctor Who crossovers ever is finally happening ... just not on television.

Cosplay We Love: Dalek Caan baby stroller
Jeff Spry

The Cult of Skaro lives in this adorably abominable baby buggy.

Big Finish announces the Brigadier's daughter, Kate Stewart, will headline her own Doctor Who adventures
Nathalie Caron

The late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's daughter is set to headline her very own Doctor Who-based audio drama adventures.

Davies and Moffat debate a certain Doctor's marriage to hilarious effect
Dany Roth

Witness an argument between two grown men hopelessly and unrequitedly in love with a fictional character.

LEGO announces the first official Doctor Who playset
Nathalie Caron

They took their sweet time, but LEGO has announced that a timey-wimey, official Doctor Who playset is finally in production.

Doctor Who, most other BBC shows dropping off Amazon Prime soon
Trent Moore

Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken different strategies in the streaming game, and those differences will soon leave Prime users without one of the biggest sci-fi shows around.