Doctor Who

Steven Moffat talks K-9, Clara's 'traumatic' exit, and how long he'll stay
Nathalie Caron

Steven Moffat has revealed that the Doctor's little robotic companion K-9 was originally set to make his return for a very festive episode.

Tennant explains why his famous last line was a perfect Who ending
Nathalie Caron

Seems like it was yesterday, but this Christmas will mark three years already since David Tennant left the role of the beloved time traveling Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who with one simple line that broke our hearts: "I don't want to go."

TV THIS WEEK: Merry Christmas from Doctor Who—and more!
Kathie Huddleston

While there's not much reason to turn on the TV this week, there is one significant sci-fi event. Christmas Day brings Doctor Who's annual Christmas special, which will introduce his newest companion and see the return of a few familiar faces. Other than that, we have the season finale of Dark Matters: Twisted but True, a K9 Christmas marathon, Bigfoot and a bunch of ghost stuff.

Take your 1st look at Doctor Who's new TARDIS control room
Dany Roth

If you thought the only new thing you'd be seeing in the latest Doctor Who Christmas special is companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, think again. Turns out, we may be seeing a brand new TARDIS interior as well, and we've got the first image fresh from the BBC.

See 26 grisly Doctor Who deaths done Edward Gorey-style
Dany Roth

Edward Gorey is probably best known for bringing the grim (and the Grimm) back to children's literature. With The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Gorey crafted a book that taught the alphabet via the gruesome and unfortunate demises of adorable, Edwardian-looking children. Now we've got a delightfully disturbing pastiche for all you Whovians.

Major Hobbit star makes surprise appearance in Doctor Who's Xmas ep
Dany Roth

Doctor Who Chrismas episodes are no stranger to stunt casting. Voyage of the Damned gave us Kylie Minogue and Who's version of A Christmas Carol saw Albus Dumbledore himself, Michael Gambon, in the Scrooge role. But this year, we've got the biggest and most surprising appearance yet! [Spoiler ahead!]

Epic new Doctor Who trailer teases impossible companion + villains
Nathalie Caron

How amazing was that Doctor Who Christmas special? Pretty amazing if you ask us. But you know what was even more awesome? The epic new trailer that showed us glimpses of what to expect in 2013, including an enticing mystery, plus some tantalizing new guest-stars and some returning villains.

Uh-oh! Who's Matt Smith warns "all good things come to an end"
Nathalie Caron

With Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary fast approaching, many are taking bets as to when Matt Smith will leave the beloved sci-fi series. But hold on to the TARDIS—because here's what the beloved Eleventh Doctor has to say about his future on Who.

Propose in Gallifreyan style with a TARDIS engagement ring box
Dany Roth

In the realm of nerdy iconography, nothing quite stands out like a big, blue Police Public Phone Box that's bigger on the inside. There are TARDIS keychains, TARDIS banks, TARDIS toys and, now, TARDIS engagement ring boxes. Oh, yes!

Awesome fan-made trailers tease that famed Doctor Who Time War
Nathalie Caron

Every Doctor Who fan in the world has heard of The Great Time War—the war in which the Eight Doctor (Paul McGann) fought against the Daleks, which then gave birth to a regenerated Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Ever since the series returned in 2005, we've heard of it. A lot. Now one fan has decided to bring it to us: and it looks pretty awesome.

The Snowmen are terrifying in 3 new Doctor Who Xmas clips
Nathalie Caron

The Doctor Who Christmas special is fast approaching (13 days and counting) and we've got two new tense clips and a new exciting promo that'll have you grab the edge of your TARDIS ... Geronimo!