Doctor Who stories

It's no secret to Whovians everywhere that Karen Gillan wants her Doctor Who character, Amy Pond, to die in the upcoming seventh season of the beloved UK sci-fi series. The red-headed actress has been clamoring for Amy's permanent demise for a while now. But will Who showrunner Steven Moffat actually, truly go through with killing both Amy and Rory? Maybe not.
You can find a lot of crazy stuff by mining the depths of classic Doctor Who episodes, including some stuff that defies the show's canon. These days we know 11 official incarnations of our favorite Time Lord, but in a 1976 episode it was revealed that by the Tom Baker era our Doctor had already regenerated several more times than we'd seen on screen.
More filming pics from the Spanish set of Doctor Who's Wild West themed episode have made their way online, and we get another fresh (if a tad grainy) look at the galactic-villain-cyborg-gunslinger-guy. We also have more cool pics of the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his two companions, Amy and Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill).