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Steven Moffat on whether the lady in the barn is the Doctor’s mother on Doctor Who

Here's what Steven Moffat had to say about the mysterious elderly barn lady in the Doctor Who Season 9 finale.

Watch Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat nerd out at new Doctor Who book art show

Check out the Doctor admiring some vintage Doctor Who artwork at a new London exhibit.

Doctor Who has officially chosen its next companion

After months of painful nail-biting anticipation, Auntie Beeb has finally revealed our beloved Time Lord's new companion.

Rumor of the day: Matt Smith sets his Doctor Who departure date

Matt Smith, who plays the beloved Eleventh Doctor on the BBC's hit sci-fi series Doctor Who, is apparently set to bow out of the TARDIS sooner rather than later.

Ooops! BBC accidentally publishes major Doctor Who S7 spoiler

Showrunner Steven Moffat has managed to keep a lot of details under wraps for the upcoming series of Doctor Who, but apparently the production office didn’t get the memo.

Doctor Who producer dares you to guess the Impossible Girl’s identity

Clara Oswin Oswald. Think you can guess the identity of the "Impossible Girl" on Doctor Who? One producer doesn't think you will.

Matt Smith teases the crap out of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary

So, what's the latest word now on Doctor Who's upcoming 50th anniversay bash? Matt Smith has something to say, you tease you.

26 exciting new Doctor Who pics (+ 2 videos) tease 1st episode and more

Boy, do we have loads of new Doctor Who stuff to show you guys today! Saying "Geronimo!" doesn’t even cover the coolness of it all.

Explosive new Doctor Who trailer hints at 'only mystery worth solving'

The BBC has just premiered a brand new Doctor Who trailer that hints that new companion Clara is "the only mystery worth solving."

Rumors fly as Doctor Who loses a THIRD executive producer

It was announced today that Doctor Who executive producer, Caroline Skinner, has left the show effective immediately.

Why Who’s Alex Kingston 'will always say yes' to more River Song

Would Alex Kingston, who plays the wonderful River Song on Doctor Who, always come back if Steven Moffat had a new storyline for her?

DVD description spoils surprise villain return for new Who season

Rumors abound on the villains we already knew would be turning up in the second half of Season 7, but is another villain returning to Who as well?