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Doctor Who spinoff Class will give us new faces in familiar places

"Cameo appearances are like penises. If you put it in a scene, it’s all anything anyone is going to look at.”

Peter Capaldi shows up in first trailer for Doctor Who spinoff Class

The BBC has spent the past year quietly putting together a Doctor Who spinoff series, and now we finally have our first look. Want a peek at Class?

Meet Miss Quill in 2 new video featurettes for Doctor Who spinoff Class

Following the news that Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi would be reprising his role as the Twelfth Doctor in the premiere episode of the new spinoff series Class, the BBC has released two video featurettes putting the spotlight on showrunner Patrick Ness and the character of Miss Quill.

Revealed: 1 place the Doctor should never go + more in leaked plots
Apr 3, 2013

Details on the back half of Doctor Who's 7th season have been leaked and we've got 'em right here!

Brand new Tennant-Smith Doctor Who pic reveals intriguing guest star
Apr 2, 2013

A second Doctor Who 50th anniversary read-through pic with the Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctors reunited again has emerged, this time with a new guest-star in tow.

TV THIS WEEK: Hannibal checks in + Doctor Who, Revolution & more

NBC premieres it's new serial-killing horror series, Hannibal, bringing the adventures of Hannibal Lecter and his appetite for murder to the small screen. And we'll get the first full-on companion adventure for Doctor Who's Clara this week.

Whedon, Moffat and Martin score 2013 Hugo Award nominations
Apr 1, 2013

The World Science Fiction Society has released its list of nominees for the annual Hugo Awards, and as usual, there are a few names you'll recognize.

CONFIRMED: Look who's back for Doctor Who's 50th! Yes!
Mar 30, 2013

From out of the time vortex come MAJOR SPOILERS!

Moffat: Why the Doctor will have to 'dance a bit harder' this season
Mar 29, 2013

After months off, Doctor Who finally returns Saturday with a mysterious new companion and a scary new monster. But don't expect the BBC America series to retread the past 50 years, said executive producer and showrunner Steven Moffat.

New Doctor Who viral teaser issues a dire warning: Don't click!
Mar 29, 2013

With only one day left to go before new Doctor Who, things have never been more dire.

1st 3 actors cast for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special
Mar 28, 2013

The first casting news for Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary special has been revealed!

How Jenna-Louise Coleman approached playing 3 Clara's on Doctor Who
Mar 28, 2013

Clara Oswin Oswald. Three similar characters, one actress. How did Jenna-Louise Coleman wrap her head around those three characters?

Bow ties are still cool (but monks are not) in 3 new Doctor Who clips
Mar 27, 2013

The Doctor tells us bow ties are still cool but being a monk is definitely not.