Doctor Who

Zygons inverted and sonic sunglasses: Don't trust the Doctor in latest Who round-up
Dany Roth

Doctor Who's ninth new season is less than a month away. If you just can't wait, here's some hints to tide you over.

Doctor Who's Steven Moffat doesn't understand why 'Blink' is such a fan favorite
Carol Pinchefsky

Doctor Who's Steven Moffat and producer Derek Ritchie talk about ‘Blink’. 


New Doctor Who trailer goes dark fantasy, as Maisie Williams arrives and Clara has a bazooka
Trent Moore

A brand-new trailer for Doctor Who’s new season has arrived, and it looks like the beloved BBC series will be taking a turn into dark fantasy this fall.

Watch a tense 20 seconds from Who's 1st Daleks-filled S7 episode
Nathalie Caron

The BBC's doing its best to whet our appetites for Doctor Who's upcoming seventh season, releasing an exciting clip from the first episode titled ''Asylum of the Daleks.'' And you know what? It's working.

Things get more dramatic for the Ponds in Who's Pond Life ep 5
Nathalie Caron

The last and fifth episode of Doctor Who's entertaining prequel/spinoff Pond Life is finally here! This time, things are about to get dramatic for our beloved Ponds.

Here are some tantalizing details for Doctor Who's S7 Dalek opener
Nathalie Caron

We're weeks away from the eagerly anticipated Doctor Who season 7 premiere, and a few tantalizing details have emerged from the Time Vortex about that first, Dalek-filled episode. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

See the epic Doctor Who S7 trailer: Daleks, dinosaurs and more!
Nathalie Caron

The official Doctor Who season seven trailer is HERE! And though we knew for sure it was gonna be EPIC, we're still surprised by how sad it also is. Because these are, after all, the final days of our beloved Ponds. So are you guys ready for more completely mad timey-wimey adventures with the Doctor? We sure are! ''Geronimo!''

You can stop mourning The Ponds: They're getting their own series
Nathalie Caron

While we're all super excited about Doctor Who's newest trailer and the confirmation that the show's coming back on Sept. 1st, we have one more reason to get even more thrilled: The Doctor's (Matt Smith) faithful companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darville) are—wait for it—getting their very own series!

Steven Moffat teases how new Who companion will change the Doctor
Nathalie Caron

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is at it again, teasing us on how the arrival of the Doctor's (Matt Smith) new companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman) and the heartbreaking departure of Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) will affect our beloved Time Lord. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

The Doctor meets Mata Hari in 1st action-packed 'Pond Life' Who ep
Nathalie Caron

The Doctor hilariously checks in with the Ponds in the very first episode of the Doctor Who 5-part mini-episode spinoff Pond Life —and let's just say phone messages have never been this exciting.

There's an Ood in the Ponds' bathroom in Who's Pond Life ep 3
Nathalie Caron

As the Doctor's companions on Doctor Who, Amy and Rory have had to face multiple dangers and alien threats. But never, as far as we know, in their very own bathroom.

Doctor Who star bites into big screen adaptation of Chew
Nathalie Caron

David Tennant takes a chomp out of Chew by starring in the animated movie adaptation of Image Comics' popular series.

Doctor Who creator considered a female Doctor back in the mid-1980s
Nathalie Caron

Looks like the idea of a female-led Doctor Who isn't something new.