Doctor Who Christmas Special

Doctor Who's Steven Moffat: The Doctor will go 'toe to toe with Santa' in the Christmas Special
Dec 23, 2014

Executive producer Steven Moffat tells us all about why your childhood dreams will come true with this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, "Last Christmas."

The Time of the Doctor teaser tidbits: Xmas dinner + a 'fair bit' of nudity
Dec 13, 2013

Matt Smith's swan song as the Doctor is fast approaching (snif!), but we still have some very tantalizing stuff about his final episode to share with you.

Doctor Who gets terrifyingly festive in 29 new Time of the Doctor pics
Dec 12, 2013

Ahead of its Christmas Day release (13 days and counting), BBC America have released 29 brand new pics from Doctor Who’s upcoming Xmas episode “The Time of the Doctor.”

Daleks and Cybermen attack in 9 nightmarish Who Xmas Special pics
Dec 10, 2013

Matt Smith takes a bow in his final Who episode with two of his greatest foes.