Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Tom Baker reveals he and Matt Smith did not discuss their Who 50th scene before filming

One of the most touching scenes in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special was Tom Baker’s super-secret cameo appearance at the end. But did you know he and Matt Smith didn’t even meet before filming?

Moffat explains what happened after the 8th Doctor’s regeneration

Steven Moffat has hinted at what happened with John Hurt’s War Doctor following the 8th Doctor’s (Paul McGann) regeneration at the end of “The Night of the Doctor.”

Confused? Moffat addresses all those Who regeneration limit questions

Following the awesomeness of Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary special, Steven Moffat has decided to discuss the beloved Time Lord’s regeneration limit.

28 great gifts to celebrate the holidays AND Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

Once again, it’s time for the holidays. AND it's also time for Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary special!

That rumored Classic Doctors special is really happening!

You didn't actually think the classic series would be ignored, did you?

There's another Who 50th prequel out there (but if you want to watch, it'll cost ya)

There’s a brand-new Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special minisode out there, but—wait for it—it’ll cost ya.

Classic Doctor says forget what you heard, he'll appear in Who's 50th

It's the secret the BBC doesn't want us to know, but someone with a big mouth has spilled the beans anyway. Guess Who?

Get ready for Doctor Who’s 50th with 25 new timey-wimey pics

Geronimo! The BBC has released a whole new batch of more timey-wimey pics from Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th-anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.”

Find out how the two Doctors meet in new Day of the Doctor clip

Two Doctors, 3D paintings, and a self-fulfilling fez await you in the latest Doctor Who clip.

Who biopic has a surprise guest star you're really gonna wanna see

William Hartnell may be long gone, but that doesn't mean there won't be any Doctors in An Adventure in Space and Time.

27 intriguing pics will get you even more excited for Doctor Who’s 50th

The BBC has released a TARDIS-filled load of Who 50th anniversary promo shots and stills, and we've got a nifty selection right here for you. Let's have a look, shall we?

3 Doctors + 2 Companions = 3 awesome Who 50th-anniversary promo pics

We’ve got three new cool Doctor Who 50th-anniversary promo shots featuring three Doctors and two of your favorite companions.

Here's not one, not two, but THREE trailers for The Day of the Doctor

Remember begging the BBC for months to see something, anything at all in the way of a trailer for the Doctor Who 50th? Well those are blissfully at an end.

1st Day of the Doctor clip validates Matt Smith's Comic-Con hint

When asked for any kind of teaser at all for The Doctor Who 50th episode, Matt Smith replied, "Paintings." Here's our first glimpse of why.