Doctor Who

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker says it wounds him to be rated the lowest on Doctor Who
Nathalie Caron

Everyone’s got a favorite Doctor, but Colin Baker’s sixth incarnation of the beloved Time Lord often gets the short end of the Doctor’s famous sonic screwdriver.

Paul McGann's short-changed Eight Doctor getting his very own Who comic
Trent Moore

Aside from that so-so TV movie and a surprisingly awesome 50th-anniversary short, Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love. Here's how that'll change.

Missed out on Comic-Con? Watch 10 of the biggest panels right here
Matthew Jackson

If you weren't at Comic-Con but still want some of the con experience, you can watch a whole bunch panels from the comfort of your couch.

Steven Moffat tells us the Doctor CAN be a woman on Doctor Who
Aaron Sagers

At the San Diego Comic-Con panel, some misinterpreted the Doctor Who showrunner that he does not want a female Doctor. But in an interview before the panel, he told us something different.

River Song to team up with Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor on two Doctor Who radio plays
Nathalie Caron

Will Alex Kingston's River Song actually come face to face with a previous incarnation of our beloved Time Lord?

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat knows some fans hate him, but here's what Neil Gaiman said
Nathalie Caron

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman had some wise words of wisdom to impart to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who star bites into big screen adaptation of Chew
Nathalie Caron

David Tennant takes a chomp out of Chew by starring in the animated movie adaptation of Image Comics' popular series.

Doctor Who creator considered a female Doctor back in the mid-1980s
Nathalie Caron

Looks like the idea of a female-led Doctor Who isn't something new.

Kate Stewart's UNIT team revealed for Doctor Who audio spinoff UNIT: Extinction
Nathalie Caron

A beloved fan-favorite Doctor Who character will return for the first UNIT audio adventure.

This fan-made LEGO Doctor Who game video makes us long for a timeline in which we could play it
Nathalie Caron

The Eleventh Doctor is getting his own adventure through time and space in this brilliant fan-made LEGO Doctor Who gameplay video.