doctor strange

Mads Mikkelsen could be Doctor Strange's next villain
Matthew Jackson

Doctor Strange may have picked up Hannibal Lecter for a villainous role.

Marvel head Kevin Feige offers peek at Doctor Strange
Tony Gerard

Today at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Marvel president Kevin Feige gave us our first look at Doctor Strange.

Rachel McAdams has an offer for Doctor Strange but really wants to play this DC character
Nathalie Caron

Rachel McAdams may yet nab the main female role in Marvel's Doctor Strange, but she'd really rather play this DC Comics superheroine instead.

Rumor of the Day: Tilda Swinton may actually play the Ancient One as a man in Doctor Strange
Nathalie Caron

Ever since Tilda Swinton was cast as the Ancient One on Marvel's Doctor Strange, we all assumed she'd play the tradiationally male role as a woman. But what if we were wrong?

Doctor Strange co-star Tilda Swinton promises 'very different' Marvel movie
Trent Moore

We’d heard a while back that Tilda Swinton was in talks to co-star in Doctor Strange as The Ancient One, and now it sounds like they’ve apparently closed the deal.

Rumor of the day: This actress could be the female lead in Doctor Strange
Don Kaye

With casting continuing for Marvel's Doctor Strange, speculation has now turned to the movie's female lead.

Rumor of the Day: Thor 2 will introduce big-screen Doctor Strange
Trent Moore

Marvel has made an art out of weaving new characters into its Cinematic Universe, and rumor has it Thor: The Dark World could introduce another beloved comic character to the big screen.

Kevin Feige promises 'mind-bending weirdness' for Doctor Strange flick
Trent Moore

Recent flicks like Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Ant-Man have pushed Marvel in new directions, but studio head Kevin Feige promises you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme scores his first ongoing solo series in nearly 20 years
Jeff Spry

Stephen Strange enters his own dimension in a newly imagined series from Marvel.

Chiwetel Ejiofor's role revealed in Doctor Strange
Don Kaye

Not only has Chiwetel Ejiofor been confirmed for Marvel's Doctor Strange, but we know now which role he is playing.

Tilda Swinton in talks to play significant role in Marvel’s Doctor Strange
Trent Moore

We’re still waiting to hear much of anything about Marvel’s Doctor Strange, but some new casting news definitely has us intrigued about the direction director Scott Derrickson is taking things.