Doctor Octopus

Robot arms that look just like Doc Ock's exist. Prepare for supervillainy
Mar 17, 2014

We're just two more robot arms and one horrible mishap away from seeing a real-life Doctor Octopus. Thanks, science.

Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man, replaced by [REDACTED]
Jan 14, 2013

Not too long ago, Spidey scribe, Dan Slott, told local brick and mortar comic shops they hadn't ordered enough copies of Amazing Spider-Man #698. In doing so, he set the bar for fans pretty high so far as shocking twists go. It turns out, he did not disappoint. SPOILERS AHEAD, TRUE BELIEVERS!

Apparently, something HUGE is about to happen to Spider-Man
Dec 17, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #698 will be coming out in a few months and its writer, Dan Slott, has a message for every local comic shop out there—you haven't ordered enough copies! Why? Apparently, something HUGE is about to happen. (Some spoilers ahead!)