Do No Harm

TV THIS WEEK: Under the Dome premieres, Cult, Do No Harm and more!
Jun 24, 2013

The summer shows continue to roll out as CBS premieres it's Stephen King series, Under The Dome. And the summer burn off continues as well with canceled shows premiering, including CW's Cult and NBC's Do No Harm.

NBC axes Jekyll + Hyde doc series after worst-rated premiere EVER
Feb 8, 2013

The cancellation gods have claimed their first victim of the new debuts, and it looks like TV fans were not in the mood for a modern day spin on Jekyll and Hyde this season.

1st look at NBC's modern-day Jekyll & Hyde TV series Do No Harm
Dec 17, 2012

Move over, vampire TV shows and zombie dramas, because here comes one of the most classic horror stories ever told: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. NBC has just ordered Do No Harm, a new drama series based on that classic tale, and we already have our first look at the series.

1st freaky clip from NBC's Jekyll and Hyde series Do No Harm
Dec 17, 2012

One of the more interesting sci-fi projects coming out this fall is NBC's Do No Harm, a modern-day reimagining of the classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde tale—complete with a doctor. Not surprisingly, judging by the first promo clip, the doc is having quite a bit of trouble with his alter ego.