Tiny metal disc may be prelude to real-life alien invasion
Feb 17, 2015

A strange object recently discovered high above the Earth could have disturbing implications.

Scientists claim they've used DNA tests to prove Bigfoot doesn't exist
Jul 3, 2014

Bad news, would-be cryptozoologists: Looks like you can go ahead and delete that stack of old Finding Bigfoot episodes from the DVR.

Scientists claim aliens put secret genetic code in human DNA
Apr 9, 2013

is the human genome so complicated because aliens hid a code in there billions of years ago?

A direct image of DNA, captured through an electron microscope
Jan 14, 2013

There are some things we think we'll never really see with our own eyes, and then someone comes along and finds a way to show them to us anyway. For most of us, DNA exists only as a colorful diagram in a Biology textbook. But now, thanks to a new scientific technique, we can see the real thing.

Stop worrying: Scientists say real Jurassic Park could NEVER happen
Dec 17, 2012

As science advances at a rapid clip, things once thought to be pure fiction become fact almost every day—but there's one classic sci-fi story that we'll never get to realize. Sorry dino fans, it looks like Jurassic Park can never, ever happen.