Image of the Day: Ferocious life-sized T-rex balloon sculpture


Pull out a pin and try to tame this terrifying 43-foot T-rex balloon art

Scientists discover pristine feathered dinosaur tail encased in amber


More indisputable proof has been revealed supporting the avian evolutionary path of dinosaurs.

Rare 150 million year-old Stegosaurus skeleton heads to German auction this weekend


This ancient set of beautiful dino bones may fetch over $3 million on the auction block!

Scientists have recovered fossils from a pregnant T. Rex, DNA could be next


Sure, we’ve been finding dinosaur bones for years — but scientists have just confirmed the first fossils from a pregnant T. Rex. The best part? It could hold the key to ultra-rare dino DNA. Jurassic Park, here we come!

Nicolas Cage agrees to return rare, stolen dinosaur skull to Mongolia


When it comes to Nicolas Cage, we seem to have reached a point where life is imitating art. Put simply: Nic Cage is now living a Nic Cage movie.

4-million-year-old whale fossil found at California construction site


Check out what scientists found when excavating a rocky Santa Cruz County hillside.

Scientists discover earliest-known animal able to walk on all fours


Here's the pudgy pre-reptile that roamed the Earth 260 million years ago.

Jurassic Park is coming: Scientists find 75-million -year-old dinosaur blood


Scientists just accidentally stumbled upon some very old dinosaur blood cells. 

Meet Regaliceratops, the newest dino discovery scientists call Hellboy


Canadian paleontologists reveal a fancy new horned dinosaur from the Cretaceous period.

Inside T. rex Autopsy: A set visit to National Geographic's gory science special


What happens when you build a dinosaur complete with internal organs and lots of blood? We visited the London set of this special event to witness a team of scientists get messy as they explore some prehistoric mysteries.