What lurks underneath Paris? Find out in upcoming horror film As Above, So Below
Apr 24, 2014

There are vast catacombs below the streets of Paris, and a new horror film delves into what might lurk within those ancient, foreboding tunnels.

M. Night's new film: People stuck in an elevator WITH THE DEVIL!
Dec 14, 2012

M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie coming out called Devi, which is about "A group of people trapped in a elevator [who] realize that the devil is among them." Really.

1st look at creepy Shyamalan devil-in-an-elevator movie poster
Dec 14, 2012

Things aren't looking good for M. Night Shyamalan's devil-in-an-elevator movie, at least not if the San Diego Comic-Con audience can be trusted. When the words "from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan" appeared as the trailer for Devil screened, the room was filled with loud booing. Will the creepy new poster for the movie change your mind? Or leave you feeling the same way?

1st reviews of Devil show it's as bad as you thought it would be (or not)
Dec 14, 2012

After M. Night Shyamalan's recent clunker The Last Airbender, we weren't expecting much out of his devil-in-an-elevator movie. But then, neither was anyone else. Didn't audiences GROAN when his name popped up onscreen during the Devil trailer? So now that the film has opened and critics can finally talk about it, how did it actually turn out?