Scientists moving ahead with research to resurrect the dead with stem cells
Mar 3, 2017

A U.S. biotech company is preparing to start experiments using stem cells to try to stimulate 20 brain-dead patients back to life. And no, this isn't an elevator pitch for a sci-fi horror film.

Fringe cast explains why that heartbreaking death had to happen
Jan 14, 2013

In its final season, Fox's cult fave Fringe hasn't been afraid to take out main characters on the way to the epic finale. But, the latest episode's shocking death caught almost everyone by surprise. Luckily, the cast is here to explain why it had to happen. Spoilers ahead!

Revolution producer defends [REDACTED]'s shocking death
Dec 17, 2012

The teasers had been promising a Revolution regular would bite the dust all week, and the writers didn't pull any punches in the most recent episode. Now that our hearts have been completely broken, producer Eric Kripke explains why a fan-favorite character had to die. Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode!

Fringe star explains [REDACTED]'s heartbreaking death
Dec 17, 2012

The folks behind Fringe aren't pulling any punches this season, and the series' shortened swan song broke some hearts Friday with a brutal death to a regular member of the cast. So what happened—and why did it have to go down this way? Spoilers ahead!