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Joss Whedon on his casting process for Batgirl, developing the script

Joss Whedon is still in the early phases of putting his Batgirl project together over at Warner Bros., but he has offered up a bit of intel about how it’s all going behind the scenes.

Superman just made a shocking connection between the New 52 and Rebirth
Mar 23, 2017

DC’s ambitious Rebirth event is still unraveling, and the company is using the framework of introducing the Watchmen to this world as a way to take some major strides toward reconciling the splintered continuities that have developed over the past few years. Case in point: We finally have a Superman that should make everyone happy.

Jack Kirby's legendary Fourth World Saga will finally get a glorious new omnibus edition
Mar 18, 2017

The most ambitious work of the King of Comics will get a new edition for his 100th birthday.