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Watch: The Killing Joke cast on adapting the classic, finding Batgirl's strength

One of DC’s most famous, and most controversial, comics is coming to life as an animated film this month — so we chatted up the folks tasked with making it happen to discuss the challenges of actually translating The Killing Joke from page to screen.

Oliver assembles a new team of heroes in Arrow Season 5 trailer

Though sophomore series like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow might be stealing some of the buzz these days, The CW’s DC universe started with Arrow — and the mothership is getting back to basics in our first look at Season 5.

See Wonder Woman Kick Ass in Injustice 2 Trailer

The world of Injustice 2 is getting a little bigger, and Warner Bros. has unveiled a new trailer with Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle going toe-to-toe.

Aquaman movie gets a new writer (again)?

A mini crisis has prompted the Aquaman movie to scrap its screenplays and begin again!

Even Will Smith is scared of Amanda Waller in latest Suicide Squad trailer

It won’t be long until we finally get a chance to check out DC’s epic bad-guy team-up Suicide Squad, and the latest trailer focuses squarely on the woman who brings them all together.

Two seminal DC Comics characters to return in new series

A pair of longstanding DC superheroes are coming back from hiatus and teaming up in a new book.