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Sweet new candy-colored Suicide Squad poster + 10 cool character tattoos

Are you brave enough to sport one of these killer Suicide Squad tattoos on your skin?

Here's what Zack Snyder is cooking up for the R-rated cut of Batman v Superman

Before Deadpool proved an R-rated superhero movie could do gangbusters, Warner Bros. was already cooking up a more-adult cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So, how is that going to work?

Batman v Superman team on building DC's universe, where Green Lantern fits in the strategy

Warner Bros. pushed the release date of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by several months, mostly to allow additional time to lay the groundwork for the Justice League, and all will finally be revealed soon. So, how’s it shaping up?

The Dark Knight outsmarts the Man of Steel in new Batman v Superman clip

The armored suit and lifetime of experience help, sure, but Batman is still going to have to bring his A-game if he wants to knock off the Man of Steel. 

DC shows love to Justice League and their (Suicide) Squad goals at Toy Fair 2016

Wonder what's coming from the DC Comics camp when it comes to new toys and collectibles this year? We give you a look at all the goodies. 

Josh Brolin says he'd like to make his own version of Jonah Hex

Nearly six years after the Jonah Hex movie bombed, star Josh Brolin would like to try again.

Jonny Quest and Space Ghost crossover, and Scooby-Doo fights real monsters in new DC Comics line

We already know DC Comics is gearing up for yet another reboot, but the publisher is also eyeing an ambitious refresh of a few other classic franchises you might not have seen coming. Fans of Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Scooby-Doo, Birdman and the Flintstones will have a whole lot to like (well, hopefully).

First look at the White Martians on CBS’s Supergirl

If you’re only watching The Flash and Arrow, you’re missing out on one heck of a fun corner of the DC universe. Case in point: The White Martians are getting ready to attack CBS.