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DC's Batman Rebirth is about to start connecting the Watchmen dots

Tying in the characters and events of Watchmen to the larger DC Comics universe was the big secret and big reveal when the line debuted earlier this year. Then … nothing. Now it sounds like this crossover is about to start making a bit more sense.

DC Comics to unleash Wonder Woman prequel comic The Odyssey of the Amazons

This year’s 75th anniversary celebrations for Wonder Woman are still going strong (she’ll officially be turning 75 this coming December) and DC Comics has announced there’s a comic book prequel series we never knew we wanted coming our way.

Behold this bounty of rare Batman production art from the 1966 TV series

Feast on this fantastic gallery of original concept art from the celebrated Batman TV show.

Syfy rounds out cast of Superman prequel Krypton with Thrones alum, Zod's ancestor

After casting the lead role of Superman’s ancestor in Krypton, Syfy has filled out the rest of the supporting cast for the DC Comics adaptation.

DC Comics announces new ongoing Batwoman solo comic at NYCC

DC Comics is already revamping its line-up (and finding a good bit of success) with the Rebirth initiative, and now we know the next hero who’ll be headlining a super-book.