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By the beard of Zeus! Wonder Woman movie villain revealed
Jan 11, 2017

Even though Wonder Woman is set to open in June, the Warner Bros. powers-that-be are still keeping the identity of the movie's main villain under wraps. Until now.

Get ready for Suicide Squad with 6 villainous new clips
Jul 25, 2016

Here's a furious flurry of new Suicide Squad clips + 9-minute B-roll reel.

Studio exec says Shazam movie will have sense of fun
Jun 26, 2015

A few more interesting morsels of information have popped up about Dwayne Johnson's Shazam movie.

Rumor of the day: Green Lantern reboot will feature two or more human Lanterns
Jun 24, 2015

When the Green Lantern franchise does return to movie theaters, it's possible that it will feature more than one Earthman wielding the ring.