Rachel McAdams has an offer for Doctor Strange but really wants to play this DC character
Nathalie Caron

Rachel McAdams may yet nab the main female role in Marvel's Doctor Strange, but she'd really rather play this DC Comics superheroine instead.

Chris Pine closes deal to star in DC movie -- but which one?
Don Kaye

The Star Trek lead actor has finally decided which comic-book character he's going to play.

Superman stands in the ruins of Wayne Manor in new Batman v Superman pics
Trent Moore

The marketing blitz surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to churn, and now we have a few new pics of DC’s heavyweights getting ready to face off.

Mark Hamill officially signs on to voice The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke
Trent Moore

We all kind of assumed Mark Hamill would lend his trademark voice to the upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke, and now it’s official.

Star Trek's Jeri Ryan joins Arrow Season 4 in mysterious new role
Trent Moore

The CW’s Arrow has never been afraid to pull in some fan-favorite genre alums, and they’re dipping into the Star Trek talent pool with Season 4.

Dan DiDio explains the state of DC continuity in the wake of Convergence
Matthew Jackson

What does DC Comics continuity look like after Convergence? Its co-publisher explains.

Rumor of the Day: Here’s who’s playing Robin in Batman v Superman
Trent Moore

We’ve already glimpsed a peek at the dearly departed Robin’s suit in the extended trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now we know who might be playing Batfleck’s former sidekick.

This DC Comics supervillain is heading to CBS' Supergirl
Nathalie Caron

Another classic DC supervillain is poised to face off against Kara (Melissa Benoist) on CBS' upcoming comic-book TV series Supergirl.

Here are the 2 smashing Marvel characters DC's Geoff Johns would love to write for
Nathalie Caron

DC's Geoff Johns would absolutely love the chance to get his hands on these two amazing Marvel comic-book characters.

Why Wonder Woman's Grant Morrison didn't like what he saw in the new Batman v Superman trailer
Nathalie Caron

While most were psyched with what we saw of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, some weren't happy with the portrayal of the Amazon Princess.

Arrow just added DC hero Mr. Terrific for Season 4
Trent Moore

Well, the fourth season of The CW’s Arrow just got a whole lot more interesting.

DC TV: Michael Ironside joins The Flash, Peter Facinelli signs on for Supergirl
Trent Moore

DC has a ton of shows on television these days, and a few of them are beefing up their supporting casts this summer. So, what are the latest additions?

Forget the cancellation, Matt Ryan's Constantine could still crossover to The CW's Arrow
Trent Moore

NBC’s cult favorite Constantine might be gone, but it’s not forgotten. Turns out, former star Matt Ryan might be making the jump over to another DC series.