Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer tries to explain the twisty new X-Men timeline he created with Days of Future Past
Jan 21, 2016

The X-Men franchise has always played things a bit loose when it comes to continuity, and the start of the First Class era only made things even murkier. But, all of that changed with Days of Future Past.

Humans worry about the mutant threat in new 4-minute viral X-Men footage, websites
Sep 24, 2014

What happens when anti-mutant factions set out to create a truther-esque information campaign to turn the world against the X-Men? This, and it’s actually pretty cool.

Rumor of the day: Studio wants to pull Bryan Singer off X-Men: Apocalypse
Jun 10, 2014

Fans have been wondering what effect those allegations against Bryan Singer might have on the X-Men, and now it sounds like the shoe might be about to drop.

Great X-pectations: 9 other X-Men who deserve their own spinoffs
May 22, 2014

As more mutants than ever come together in Days of Future Past, with Wolverine front and center, it’s a good time to look at a few other mutants who deserve a little time in the sun.

The Complete Guide to Dystopian X-Futures
May 21, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past gives us a view of a dark future for mutants ... but it's far from the only one the X-Men have faced.

Everything you need to know about Days of Future Past
May 19, 2014

One of the X-Men's most famous comics story arcs is hitting the big screen. Here's your pre-release briefing.

31 great moments in X-Men cosplay
May 19, 2014

In order to celebrate the upcoming release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, we’ve put together a little gallery of some awesome X-Men cosplayers.

Our first look at Days of Future Past's Quicksilver is very ... silver
Jan 9, 2014

We've finally got our first look at the big-screen Quicksilver. No, the other one.

Singer just cut an original X-Men star from Days of Future Past (or did he?)
Dec 23, 2013

We already had an inkling that X-Men: Days of Future Past would largely be set in the First Class era, and now it sounds like that decision has cost an original series star a spot in the sequel.

X-Men: Apocalypse director, cast and story info confirmed!
Dec 10, 2013

All we really knew about the upcoming flick X-Men: Apocalypse is that it’s happening — but now we have some nifty new details.

Rumor of the day: Here are the 1st details of X-Men: Apocalypse
Dec 6, 2013

It was only yesterday we got confirmation that X-Men: Apocalypse is in the works, and now the first details have (allegedly) started to leak out. So, what can we expect?

Wolverine just the beginning: Fox eyeing '5-10' X-Men spinoffs
Jul 29, 2013

It sounds like that X-Force movie might be just the beginning, because 20th Century Fox is finally ready to capitalize on all those X-Men properties.

Bryan Singer confirms we'll be seeing two new mutants in Days of Future Past
Apr 24, 2013

Looks like two more X-Men are heading to the big screen for the first time.

James McAvoy may have just revealed [REDACTED] is returning to X-Men
Mar 12, 2013

It seems we just got (unofficial) word that another mutant from Bryan Singer's previous X-flicks will return to the fold for Days of Future Past.

Which X-Man was 'gutted' not to get a part in Days of Future Past?
Mar 7, 2013

Seems like practically everyone will be back for Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past. Well, nearly everyone.