Dawn of the Dead

Jar Jar Binks and 15 more "Kick-Ass" sci-fi movie controversies
Jul 4, 2015

Kick-Ass, condemned in some quarters due to its violence and a ten-year-old girl who curses like a sailor and leaves a trail of dead bodies, is far from the only sci-fi or fantasy film to have created controversy.

Stomach-churning supercut of 61 gory exploding head scenes
Jul 4, 2015

Nothing succeeds like excess—especially when it comes to bursting brains from our favorite movies, all collected into one seriously sick salute. Let the craniums fly!

14 annoying horror movie victims we were actually glad to see die
Dec 17, 2012

We spend quite a bit of time in horror films rooting for people to survive, hoping they'll outsmart the psycho with the knife or outrun the monster or overcome the zombie horde. But sometimes there are those characters that we actively (and happily) root against, those characters so disruptive, so grating, so just plain annoying, that we can't wait to watch them meet their ends.

10 terrifically terrifying examples of zombie movie and TV makeup
Dec 14, 2012

There will come a time when the dead walk the earth and stroll in front of movie cameras—and when they do, it'll be the makeup artists who'll bring those zombies to life. And who knows? Some of those behind-the-scenes magicians may be discovered on Syfy's Face-Off, the next episode of which puts its contestants through the creating-the-undead ringer.