David Yates

David Yates confirms he will helm all five Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Nov 14, 2016

Ahead of the movie’s premiere this coming Friday, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them director David Yates has confirmed that he's on board to helm all five Harry Potter prequels.

Johnny Depp confirmed as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Nov 9, 2016

The biggest mystery of the Wizarding World has been revealed. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them helmer David Yates has revealed the identity of the mystery character played by Johnny Depp in the movie (where he will have a cameo) and its sequels.

David Yates confirms a young Albus Dumbledore will be in Fantastic Beasts 2
Nov 8, 2016

Things are revving up for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel, with casting apparently underway for a young Dumbledore.

Alexander Skarsgard swings into action in first trailer for The Legend of Tarzan
Dec 10, 2015

“He's Tarzan. You're Jane. He'll come for you.” Truer words were never spoken in the first teaser trailer for The Legend of Tarzan.

Matt Smith tipped (and wants) to play the lead in the new Harry Potter spinoff
Mar 24, 2015

Looks like former Doctor Who star Matt Smith may get to play the lead in that upcoming Harry Potter spinoff movie.

Potter director rebooting Tarzan (and here's who he wants to star)
Jan 14, 2013

Though it's been a while since a proper version lit up the box office, Edgar Rice Burrough's classic tale Tarzan is still a major property. David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter movies, seems to agree—and has signed on to direct a big-budget reboot of the famed jungle man. So who's on the short list to star?

David Yates hopes he'll get True Blood star to say 'Me, Tarzan'
Jan 14, 2013

"Me Tarzan, you Jane." Looks like True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is now the front runner to play Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous jungle hero Tarzan in director David Yates' Tarzan film at Warner Bros.

Steven Moffat says rebooted Who movie would 'destroy' the franchise
Dec 17, 2012

Steven Moffat has once again sounded off on that whole David Yates-wants-to-do-a-Doctor-Who-movie-but-we-won't-let-him saga and the Who showrunner offered a dire warning: doing a Doctor Who movie with a rebooted continuity and a different Doctor that's NOT associated with the BBC TV show would 'destroy' the franchise.

Steven Moffat insists Doctor Who movie will NOT be a reboot
Dec 16, 2012

The Who fandom can breathe a sigh of relief! At least we hope we can, 'cause Steven Moffat has come out again to dismiss — we hope once and for all — Harry Potter director David Yates' recent affirmations that he's planning a Doctor Who movie from scratch.

Steven Moffat says Yates Who movie would be 'a heathen thing to do'
Dec 16, 2012

After breaking our hearts into a million tiny pieces yesterday with his announcement that Amy and Rory were leaving Doctor Who next year, Steven Moffat may have just made up for it (but only a little) by confirming again that that David Yates' Who movie reboot is not gonna happen on his watch; calling the whole project "a heathen thing to do" and a "heresy."

Daniel Radcliffe to star in Yates' Who movie? He says [redacted]
Dec 16, 2012

Remember that planned Doctor Who movie that Harry Potter director David Yates wants to make? The one current Who showrunner Steven Moffat says'll never happen on his watch? Well it's kinda back in the news cause Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's been asked point blank whether he'll play the iconic role of The Doctor in Yates' movie, or not.

David Yates says he's STILL doing that Doctor Who film
Dec 16, 2012

Seems like the impending wrath of Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is not enough to deter Harry Potter director David Yates from bringing his own version of the Time Lord's story to the big screen. 'Cause like it or not, he says he's still making the film.

Harry Potter director to take over The Hobbit?
Dec 14, 2012

David Yates, the man who has directed the last four Harry Potter films—including the yet-to-be-released, two-part adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—has reportedly been offered the chance to direct The Hobbit.