David Tennant

David Tennant, Matt Smith take Manhattan for a day of the Doctor event
Feb 16, 2016

Two Doctors will be materializing in the Big Apple this April. Wizard World comic con organizers announced today that Doctor Who actors David Tennant and Matt Smith would be appearing together for a Day of the Doctors NYC event.

Steven Moffat reveals the BBC almost canceled Doctor Who in 2009
Jan 18, 2016

The Doctor Who showrunner talks about how close we came to losing the show in the wake of David Tennant's departure.

Jessica Jones: Is this a clever Doctor Who easter egg, or just a hilarious coincidence?
Dec 2, 2015

David Tennant was playing about as far off-character as possible in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, but did the producers manage to slip in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Doctor Who easter egg?

First clip of David Tennant in action as Kilgrave in Marvel's Jessica Jones
Nov 16, 2015

Marvel's most terrifying villain yet is set to make his debut in Marvel's Jessica Jones.

Image of the Day: David Tennant paints the world purple in new Jessica Jones image
Oct 29, 2015

David Tennant's villainous Kilgrave is getting the rock star treatment in this new Jessica Jones image.

David Tennant will creep you out in Netflix's sinister new Jessica Jones teaser
Oct 8, 2015

There's nothing left of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor in this new sinister Jessica Jones Netflix promo.