David S. Goyer

David Goyer admits Constantine should have never been on NBC
Oct 21, 2015

Looking back on Constantine, David S. Goyer finally admits the supernatural series was on the wrong network.

1st look at new Starz show that turns Da Vinci into a fantasy hero
Nov 11, 2014

After the failure of its first fantasy series, Camelot, Starz is returning to the genre with a new effort written by David S Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel) that sets its sight on a young Leonardo DaVinci—with a fantasy twist, of course. And we've got our very first look here.

David S. Goyer on Constantine's season 1 arc, casting Zed, and uniting DC's TV and film worlds
Jul 14, 2014

David S. Goyer sheds some light on his latest comic-book adaptation, Constantine. The producer reveals what we can expect from DC's favorite supernatural detective.

David S. Goyer dives into James Cameron's Fantastic Voyage
May 2, 2014

James Cameron's calling in reinforcements to help with his long-in-development reboot of a sci-fi classic.

David S. Goyer: Constantine TV series will be closer to the comics than the movie
Mar 10, 2014

If you were wondering if the upcoming Constantine TV show would stick closer to the comics than Keanu's version, David S. Goyer's talking.

David S. Goyer signed on to direct intriguing sci-fi thriller The Breach
Feb 3, 2014

David S. Goyer is going back to the director's chair with a new, intriguing sci-fi thriller called The Breach.

David S. Goyer defends that highly controversial Man of Steel killing
Sep 24, 2013

Should Superman kill? While most fans would answer no to that, Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer says yes—and he explains why.

Christopher Nolan originally said 'no way' to that Man of Steel ending
Jun 19, 2013

If you were shocked by that Man of Steel ending and didn't agree with it, you are not alone.

Why is Man of Steel's story so secretive? Blame Nolan's TDKR
Mar 18, 2013

Why is the team behind Man of Steel being so secretive? They've taken a page from Nolan's Batman book.

Latest trailer for Da Vinci's Demons is awesomely steampunk
Jan 22, 2013

After Spartacus became a hit, Starz decided to try their hand at another fantasy-tinged period piece with Da Vinci's Demons—and the new trailer looks like it could be a sexy, steampunk thrill ride.

Director David Goyer delivers a movie that isn't as good as the trailer in The Unborn
Dec 14, 2012

Don't judge David S. Goyer on The Unborn. And certainly don't pre-judge him on what he's going to do with the Magneto story...

Why FlashFoward creators embrace Lost comparison
Dec 14, 2012

David S. Goyer embraces FlashForward's comparison with the earlier sci-fi series.