David Morrissey

The last person you'd expect is coming back when The Walking Dead returns
Feb 3, 2014

It's no surprise that the back half of The Walking Dead's fourth season will feature some twists, but it turns out someone we really didn't expect will reportedly turn up.

He'll be missed: Watch AMC's epic farewell to The Walking Dead's Governor
Dec 19, 2013

Things are definitely changing when The Walking Dead returns in January, but the network has been kind enough to give us a nice farewell to the end of an era. Join us in saying goodbye.

Walking Dead's Governor explains the reason behind that shocking murder
Nov 25, 2013

The last two episodes of The Walking Dead have caught up with The Governor and his post-Woodbury life. Not surprisingly, things got pretty dark. So, what led to that shocking murder?

David Morrissey teases the Governor's 'dangerous' Walking Dead return
Nov 11, 2013

We’ve been wondering when the Governor (David Morrissey) would make his epic return on The Walking Dead, and now we finally know.

Walking Dead producer shares REAL reason we haven't seen the Governor
Nov 8, 2013

Hey, Walking Dead fans. Been wondering why we haven’t seen The Governor (David Morrissey) much this season? Turns out the producers got a little “sick” of him last year.

Walking Dead producer teases Governor's return (+ why we haven't seen him yet)
Oct 3, 2013

If you’ve seen some of those early trailers for The Walking Dead S4, you might’ve forgotten that David Morrissey was promoted to a full-fledged member of the cast. So, why the blackout?

How David Morrissey's new gig could threaten the Governor on Walking Dead
Aug 28, 2013

Creepily awesome Walking Dead actor David Morrissey just signed on to star in a new pilot for AMC — so what does that mean for the Governor?

Walking Dead (and former Who) star wants to return to Doctor Who
Jan 22, 2013

David Morrissey may have gotten busy playing Walking Dead's Governor, but the actor who did a stint on Doctor Who a few years back in the 2008 Christmas special says he'd love to be back on the beloved sci-fi series.

Walking Dead's Governor explains his terrifying man-cave
Jan 14, 2013

After the build-up of seeing The Governor as a vicious, evil character in The Walking Dead comics—the seemingly nice-but-shady man we met last week on the hit AMC series didn't seem too familiar. At least, not until that shocking final scene. So what did it all mean? Spoilers ahead!

Think the Governor is evil? Walking Dead actor says you're wrong
Jan 14, 2013

Most fans would agree that The Walking Dead's ruthless Governor is a pretty evil guy. But believe it or not, the man who brings him to life begs to differ. So how does actor David Morrissey explain away all the crazy?

Meet The Governor: 1st photo of David Morrissey in The Walking Dead
Dec 17, 2012

The Governor is coming. Brace yourselves, because the first photo of David Morrissey as The Walking Dead villain has been released. Does he look like a menace? Are his eyes filled with hate and malice? You tell us!

Walking Dead's 'sexy and unbelievably evil' Governor reveals motives
Dec 17, 2012

Readers of The Walking Dead comic know that season three of the TV series could be the best yet, with the addition of the fan favorite character The Governor—who will be portrayed by David Morrissey on the small screen. So what does Morrissey have to say about what drives the most dangerous player of next season?

Walking Dead's Morrissey reveals how Governor differs from comics
Dec 17, 2012

Though the addition of The Governor is an intriguing proposition for fans of The Walking Dead TV series, comic fans have knows the wild man for quite a while now. But, regardless of what you think you know, small-screen Governor David Morrissey says you still have a lot to learn. Some spoilers ahead for season two, and light spoilers for season three.