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The next Indiana Jones sequel will be the first not to have creative input from George Lucas
Oct 25, 2016

The Indiana Jones franchise has always been Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ baby, but it sounds like the next sequel might finally be leaving the nest.

Screenwriter calls his Bride of Frankenstein remake a 'tale of liberation'
Oct 25, 2016

The Universal Monsters shared universe will include a reboot of The Bride of Frankenstein, and now we have an inkling of what the film might entail.

Jurassic Park, Crystal Skull writer signs on to script Spielberg's Indiana Jones 5
Mar 18, 2016

The co-screenwriter for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes with an impressive portfolio, but can he deliver Indy's latest adventure?

Original Spider-Man screenwriter has an awesome idea to save the franchise
Feb 2, 2015

Despite being based on one of the most popular characters in existence, the Spider-Man film franchise has been floundering for years. So, what does the guy who wrote the first (and arguably best) film think should come next?