David Hayter

Live-action Voltron movie in the works at Universal with X-Men screenwriter
Nov 4, 2016

“Form feet and legs! Form hands and body! And I’ll form the head!” That legendary call to form the equally legendary Voltron may soon be heard in movie theaters everywhere.

Black Widow almost beat Iron Man to the big screen by four years
Sep 29, 2014

Back before Marvel Studios launched its mission of world box-office domination with 2008’s Iron Man, the Avengers’ resident super-spy almost got her own movie a full four years earlier.

Director reveals details on the Black Widow film that didn't happen
Dec 15, 2012

Remember that Black Widow solo movie that was supposed to happen ... but didn't? Details are finally coming out about what the movie would have been like before the decision was made to shoehorn the character in the last Iron Man film. Decisions like this happen all the time in Hollywood, a place where "shoulda, coulda, woulda" is an everyday occurrence.

Watchmen writer begs fans to see movie again. Please!
Dec 14, 2012

Watchmen co-writer David Hayter asks fans to go see the movie again.

Watchmen writer David Hayter forms genre film company
Dec 14, 2012

Watchmen co-writer David Hayter has teamed with producer Benedict Carver to form Dark Hero Studios.