Darth Vader

Darth Vader - one of the most evil characters in sci-fi. Check out more stories, videos and news about the Sith Lord from the Star Wars universe.

Image of the Day: Ukrainian Lenin statue reworked into Darth Vader

Communism gets a sweet  Star Wars makeover in this recommissioned Darth Vader statue.

Nooooo! Lucas messes with Vader's lines in Return of the Jedi

First it was Greedo firing first against Han Solo, then Yoda's puppet is sadly replaced by CGI, now Vader is being forced against his will to bellow his trademark cry as the Emperor tortures poor Luke. Stop the insanity!

9 awesome and awful Star Wars toys debuted at Toy Fair this week

The annual rite of toy passage—none other than American International Toy Fair—is going on in New York City this week and as always, it provides collectors of every persuasion their first look at what's coming to stores in 2011. And Star Wars fans in particular are getting an eye-full of what's going to be straining their wallets AGAIN.

37 fun, awesome or tragic Darth Vader products

The dark side of the force is certainly something to be feared...and what do we do to things that scare us? Turn them into harmless, laughable, nonthreatening objects (that make gobs of money for George Lucas). Here are 37 things that the Dark Lord of the Sith himself has been reduced t

How does VW's Star Wars-themed Super Bowl ad compare to Li'l Vader?

The cuteness of that "Imperial March" barkestra teaser has given way to the full, pooch-centric ad that Volkswagen is airing during the Super Bowl. Question is, does it live up to last year's adorable mini-Vader spot?