Darth Vader

Awesome Vader vs. Batman super power beat down fan-film now has a revised ending
Jeff Spry

The Dark Knight returns with some needed help from a certain son of Krypton.

Darth Vader comic writer on how it's basically Breaking Bad meets Star Wars
Trent Moore

You knew it wouldn’t take long for Marvel to double down on Star Wars. But how do you build an entire comic around one of the most terrifying villains in sci-fi lore?

Image of the Day: Forceful Darth Vader #1 cover art
Jeff Spry

The awesomeness is strong with this powerful variant cover by Greg Horn.

Image of the Day: Darth Vader defies Doctor Doom, by Alex Ross
Jeff Spry

Here's an amazing Alex Ross artwork pairing the Tyrant of Latveria and the sinister Sith Lord.

Batman vs. Darth Vader: The Dark Side and Dark Knight face off in an epic showdown
Aaron Sagers

The new Super Power Beat Down episode crosses universes to give us a battle between the Caped Crusader and the Sith Lord.

Original Sith Lord David Prowse reveals first look at Star Wars: Rebels' Darth Vader
Jeff Spry

The original Sith Lord has revealed our first glimpse of holo-Vader in the new series Star Wars: Rebels.

Darth Vader is running for office in the Ukraine. Watch his epic campaign ad right here.
Trent Moore

If you think politics can get a little wonky in the U.S., just take a peek at how things are going in the Ukraine’s latest election. Two words: Vote Vader.

Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine. Really.
Trent Moore

As if all the political tension around the Ukraine couldn’t get more intense, now one of the most evil characters in sci-fi is officially running for president.