Daniel Craig

Rumor of the day: Daniel Craig close to coming back as James Bond

The actor who has played Bond for the past 11 years looks like he may return for one last assignment.

Rumor of the day: Daniel Craig offered insane money for two more Bond movies
Sep 6, 2016

According to a new report, they're not only backing the bank truck onto Daniel Craig's front lawn to play James Bond again, they're leaving it there. 

Report says Daniel Craig is walking away from huge money for more Bond
May 19, 2016

After four films as 007, Daniel Craig might really be hanging up the tux.

Get ready for James Bond's return with 9 new clips from Spectre
Oct 26, 2015

We’re just a couple of weeks away until James Bond returns with Spectre, and now the studio has dropped nine new clips to get us pumped for 007’s latest mission.

Daniel Craig shoots down space invaders in Cowboy & Aliens trailer
Dec 14, 2012

Monday's teaser poster for Cowboy & Aliens was just the beginning, because a trailer for the film surfaced today that gives us our first look at Daniel Craig in explosive alien-killing action.

This British superspy might fight aliens as a cowboy
Dec 14, 2012

Will Daniel Craig join Jon Favreau's proposed Cowboys & Aliens movie?