Dan Stevens

Emma Watson is an Empowered Belle in Beauty and the Beast featurette
Mar 3, 2017

Disney has unveiled a cool promo centering on the film's female lead and how they wanted to create a 21st-century heroine.

You're invited to view this new Beauty and the Beast clip
Mar 2, 2017

Disney has released a new clip from the upcoming live-action adaptation of their classic animated movie Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson greets villagers in catchy new Beauty and the Beast clip
Feb 22, 2017

Waltz on in to this latest promo and cast photo for Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens on the task of remaking Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Feb 17, 2017

Here's a new featurette with director Bill Condon and the brilliant cast of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. 

Legion aims to be a Marvel show completely different from the pack
Jan 12, 2017

Executive producers Noah Hawley, Laura Shuler Donner and Jeph Loeb appeared with the cast of Legion at the Television Critics Association to talk about how FX's first Marvel co-production is going to be very different kind of superhero drama.

Here are 5 new nutty promos for Marvel and FX’s X-Men spinoff series Legion
Dec 7, 2016

"Shall we begin?" In the wake of the release of the new trailer and the reveal of the show’s premiere date, FX has unleashed five new promos for Marvel’s upcoming X-Men spinoff series (it’s complicated), Legion. Even tough each promo is rather short; they feature some new material for you to sink your teeth into.

New footage and premiere date unveiled in latest trailer for X-Men spinoff series Legion
Dec 5, 2016

A trippy new trailer for FX’s upcoming X-Men spinoff series Legion has been released, along with the show's premiere date.

Disney finally reveals its Beast in new official Beauty and the Beast pics
Nov 2, 2016

Disney took their sweet time, but they've finally released our first official look at the Beast in their live-action Beauty and the Beast.

Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza watch a patient drool (yes, drool) in 2 new Legion promos
Sep 12, 2016

Two new teasers for Marvel and FX’s upcoming Legion series have been released, highlighting how different the X-Men spinoff series will be from the movies.

FX picks up X-Men TV show Legion to series and releases a first official image
May 31, 2016

Here's our first look at Dan Stevens in the role of Professor X's son in FX and Marvel's new comic book TV series.

FX and Marvel's Legion casts its title role and more
Feb 4, 2016

Marvel and FX are teaming up for Legion, and they're assembling a great cast to do it.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast finally finds its Beast in Downton Abbey star
Mar 5, 2015

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast movie has finally found its Beast in a beloved Downton Abbey star.