Dan Simmons

AMC orders anthology series based on Dan Simmons' novel The Terror
Mar 2, 2016

Best-selling author Dan Simmons' novel The Terror is about to get made as an anthology TV series on AMC.

Syfy to launch Hyperion event series with executive producer Bradley Cooper
Jun 10, 2015

Dan Simmons' classic sci-fi novel Hyperion is being adapted, at last -- as an event series for Syfy. Details ahead.

Like Walking Dead? You'll love the Arctic horror series AMC's got next
Feb 14, 2013

Can’t get enough horror a la The Walking Dead? Neither can AMC, who plans to bring The Terror to your TV screens.

Bradley Cooper would retire from acting if he could direct Hyperion
Dec 15, 2012

Bradley Cooper is someone we can't get enough of these days, what with his leading man turn in this year's drug-infused drama, Limitless, not to mention a couple of alcohol-driven comedies with The Hangover films. Hey, he was even linked to the Green Lantern role before Ryan Reynolds snagged it up.

Day director Scott Derrickson returns to SF with Hyperion film
Dec 14, 2012

The helmer of The Day the Earth Stood Still remake will adapt Dan Simmons' books.