Dan DiDio

Dan DiDio explains the state of DC continuity in the wake of Convergence
Jul 23, 2015

What does DC Comics continuity look like after Convergence? Its co-publisher explains.

We're jealous: DC renames character after real-life cosplayer
Dec 31, 2013

Yeah, there’s no contest. This is it: Greatest. Christmas gift. Ever.

DC co-publisher defends those controversial Batwoman changes
Sep 9, 2013

Comics fans aren't happy with the way DC Comics has treated Batwoman lately, but one of the company's publishers is here to show us all the silver lining.

DC honchos say Alan Moore shoulda read his Watchmen contract
Dec 17, 2012

With the controversial Before Watchmen prequel series just a few months from release, DC execs are making the rounds, trying to explain to jaded comic fans why the project is a good idea. Their take on original Watchmen creator Alan Moore's complaints? Well, he should have read his contract a little closer.

DC hopes Moore will bring an open mind to Before Watchmen. Really?
Dec 17, 2012

With the release of the controversial comic prequel series Before Watchmen getting close, DC execs are again doing damage control on why they believe the follow-ups are necessary—and they hope original Watchmen creator Alan Moore will bring an "open mind" to the effort. Hmm, I wouldn't count on it.