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Flash producer promises Man in the Iron Mask reveal will 'blow your mind'

Amid all the insanity of fighting Zoom and zipping around Earth-2 this season, The Flash has also been quietly setting up a head-scratching mystery — and producer Andrew Kreisberg promises the big reveal will be worth the wait.

The Flash star opens up on that shocking Zoom twist, what comes next

The CW’s The Flash pulled off one of its biggest twists several weeks ago, and now the man at the heart of it has opened up about how it all came together.

Arrow's Marc Guggenheim admits they’ve 'struggled with' flashbacks this year

Dating all the way back to the first season, flashbacks have been a major component of The CW’s Arrow. But even the producers admit things got a bit off the rails this season.

VIDEO: The Legends of Tomorrow cast talks visiting the Old West

Now that we've seen the Legends team visit the Old West and meet Jonah Hex, find out what it was like making the episode. 

Jonah Hex, Wild West action, and a shootout at high noon in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

The short version: The gang heads to the Wild West to hide from the Time Masters, but of course gets embroiled in some classic cowboy drama. But it does bring some interesting backstory for Rip — plus a version of Jonah Hex that isn’t terrible!

Arrow's Marc Guggenheim on the mystery death, paparazzi shots spoiling the big reveal

A flash forward from a funeral scene has hovered over the entire fourth season of Arrow, and the mystery death will finally be revealed in tonight’s episode. But some intrepid fans might already know who’s in that grave.