15 Lovecraftian stories to read once you've read all of Lovecraft
Dec 17, 2012

So you're a Lovecraft fan, eh? Has the forthcoming becostumed holiday got you jonesing for a little tale of sleeping, ancient ones? You say you've read all H.P. wrote, but you're still just not insane? That's why, for the 11th of our 31 Days of Halloween posts, we've got 15 stories in the Lovecraft style to drive you mad.

Holy $%!@ this live-action trailer featuring Cthulhu is fantastic
Dec 14, 2012

We don't know whether this trailer for a Spanish language H.P. Lovecraft-inspired movie scares the $%!@ out of us because of Lovecraft, the spooky special effects, or just the fact that it's terrifying to hear people screaming in terror in a language we don't understand, but in any case, it definitely makes us want to see the movie itself.

14 great Cthulhu toys that make devouring souls fun
Dec 14, 2012

These toys take a slimy monster and turn it cuddly.