c.s. lewis

Chronicles of Narnia getting semi-reboot with The Silver Chair
Jan 13, 2016

Despite its popularity and cultural relevance, and pulling in some decent cash with the first installment, the Chronicles of Narnia never managed to become a major hit. But that could all change soon.

Sweet letter to Narnia fan reveals C.S. Lewis' 5 rules of writing
Dec 17, 2012

When he received a fan letter from a young American reader, the Chronicles of Narnia author took the opportunity to offer young Joan some writing advice ... and in so doing, gave all aspiring writers some worthwhile rules of the road.

Police called, guy hospitalized, after fistfight over Tolkien's writing
Dec 16, 2012

Given that the word fan is a shortened version of fanatic, it's no surprise that tempers can run hot when passionate individuals get to debating the relative merits of J.R.R. Tolkien and his contemporary and friend, C.S. Lewis. And as the police blotter shows, there ain't no fight like a literary fight.