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Despite setbacks, The Crow comic creator promises film reboot is still happening
Trent Moore

To most observers, the upcoming reboot of The Crow looks to be dead in the water. It lost its star, and the studio doesn’t have enough money to make it. But the man who created it all promises the film is still very much happening. 

That remake of The Crow may finally be dead
Don Kaye

Even The Crow himself may not be able to come back from the latest turn of events for this troubled film.

Weeks away from filming, The Crow reboot is looking for a new star (again)
Trent Moore

With the film already in preproduction, the team behind The Crow is once again looking for a new leading man to take on the title role.


The Crow remake casts Birdman actress as its lead villain
Nathalie Caron

It's not the first time Hollywood has changed the gender of iconic characters for their movies or TV series, and it won't be the last.

The Crow reboot casts its Eric Draven and Shelly Webster
Nathalie Caron

That upcoming The Crow reboot has finally found its Eric Draven and his leading lady.

Sam Witwer as The Crow? James O'Barr on casting, Luke Evans exit, budget issues
Aaron Sagers

At Wizard World Comic Con, the creator of the comic that inspired the cult classic film offered updates about the reboot and insight on what has been holding up the project.

Luke Evans officially says no to The Crow reboot. Who will play Eric Draven?
Nathalie Caron

Now, that's a bummer: Luke Evans has officially left The Crow reboot. So who'll get to play Eric Draven, now?

The Crow's original creator offers an update on that long-gestating reboot
Trent Moore

We’ve been waiting a while to find out what’s up with that reboot of genre classic The Crow, and the series’ original creator James O’Barr has a lot of new intel to share.

Brandon Lee's near-final interview for The Crow is a heartbreaking blast from the past
Trent Moore

In the midst of The Crow's 20th anniversary this week, a video interview with late star Brandon Lee has surfaced, conducted just a few weeks before his death on the film’s set in 1994.

13 Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror movies that will turn 20 in 2014
Dany Roth

It's a whole new year for genre filmmaking, but let's look back and see what classics are celebrating a milestone.

The Crow star promises reboot isn't about 'ripping off' the 1994 cult hit
Trent Moore

Considering the reverence that still surrounds the original Crow, fandom is a little divided over plans to remake the modern classic — but new star Luke Evans wants to help curb our fears.

A new casting rumor just made that Crow reboot more interesting
Matthew Jackson

If you weren't excited for that reboot of The Crow before, you might be after you hear who's rumored to be joining it now.