Man arrested for threatening to shoot friend who revealed Star Wars spoilers

After Disney managed to keep the plot under wraps right up to opening day, fans were taking spoilers pretty seriously in the days surrounding the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But one guy might have gone a bit too far.

Space caper! Someone stole a chunk of a very rare asteroid that crashed in the 1920s

Yes, stealing is bad. But if you’re going to steal something, you might as well make it something really, really cool.

This Chinese gang got arrested for stealing ... inside World of Warcraft

Just because something you stole doesn't actually exist, doesn't mean you won't go to jail all the same.

Walking Dead actress confesses to sending ricin to Pres. Obama

You remember that weird story about a former Walking Dead actress who was arrested for sending the poison ricin to President Obama? Well, she’s now confessed to the crime.

Life ain't Kick-Ass: Wanna-be superhero gets arrested for prowling

As we get ready to watch Kick-Ass 2 this weekend to show us how to be a legit low-budget hero, one poor guy in Pennsylvania is out to remind the world that we can’t all be comic book characters.

Holy plot twist! Kid robs fair dressed as Batman, turns himself in!

The good news is, this kid dressed as Batman caught a thief. The bad news is, this kid is the thief. Oops.

These 2 schoolgirls blamed their school vandalism on a comic book

Reading manga is no excuse for damaging public property, but that's just what these girls have done.

WTF? Man jailed for watching cartoon elves and pixies have sex

If you were thinking about watching your favorite animated, mythical creatures getting amorous, you might want to think again.

Teen who crashed strawberry-filled truck says zombies were to blame

In which the valuable lesson, "check all your mirrors before driving away from the undead in your stolen semi" is learned.

Real-life Darth Maul embraces Dark Side, robs 3 stores in 2 hours

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge. Also, let's steal some stuff while we're at it.

Guy gets arrested after punching Darth Vader's wife in the face

A long time ago (September 20th, 2012) in a galaxy far, far away (England), some dude socked Anakin's Padme right in the kisser. Cue the John Williams fanfare ...