This AT-AT rocker is every little Star Wars fan's dream toy
Mar 4, 2014

One crafty Star Wars fan just built a toy that'll make the young Skywalker in all of us jealous.

Guy makes incredibly detailed Winterfell model with 3D printer
Feb 5, 2013

We've still got more than a month until we see Winterfell again in Game of Thrones season 3, but one industrious fan just couldn't wait that long.

Incredibly detailed miniature AT-ST made from popsicle sticks
Feb 4, 2013

Remember how you always wanted more and more Star Wars Micro Machines and your Mom just wouldn't buy them? Well, here's a guy who'll show you how to make your own.

Maine company will build you a real Hobbit house for $5K to $15K
Feb 4, 2013

It may not come with a wizard pal, a band of dwarves or the legendary Baggins pantry, but you can now grace your backyard with your very own Hobbit hole - for a price.

Flat out of Star Wars toys? This dad made some with cardboard
Dec 15, 2012

We all have some old cardboard lying around the house (probably saving it up for the next time we have to move), but some of us are more creative with it than others. Take nerd crafter Matheson Harris, who used his to build these incredibly detailed Star Wars ships.