Mom makes epic Doctor Who costume for disabled son
Jun 26, 2015

Everybody wants to be the Doctor, but unfortunately Matt Smith's trademark tweed jacket doesn't come in everyone's size. Fortunately for this kid, he's got a crafty mom who found a way to fashion an Eleventh Doctor jacket that fits him perfectly, and she even fashioned his wheelchair into a sweet TARDIS.

How to make a (decent-looking) stormtrooper helmet out of milk jugs
Apr 4, 2013

Wanna become a stormtrooper without spending hundreds on top-of-the-line replica armor?

5 more awesome Star Wars paper snowflakes you can make yourself
Jan 14, 2013

If you take local shops as indications of anything, you'll know that Christmas season is here. For all the maddening cries of "Why so early?!" we do get to reap a benefit or two. In this case, it's the return of awesome dad Anthony Herrera with a whole new round of Star Wars cut-out snowflakes that you can make yourself.

How to make a fairy room in your house. You know, for kids.
Jan 14, 2013

Though we certainly love buying the latest nerdy collectibles from the comic shop, there's something about good old-fashioned geek craftsmanship that just warms our hearts. Here's someone who built a little parlor for a fairy inside a wall to make kids happy, because it's not like we adults would think this was totally awesome and want to replicate it or anything.