The Craft

Wait, so The Craft 'reboot' won’t actually be a reboot after all?
May 4, 2016

For young adults of a certain generation, the 1996 flick The Craft was the go-to movie for what it means to be witch-y. We already knew there was a new installment in the works, but it sounds like the studio might not be going the reboot route after all.

Witch-y, cult hit 1996 horror flick The Craft is getting a remake
May 14, 2015

Any teen in the 1990s likely remembers the witch-y horror flick The Craft, which focused on a group of high school girls who dabble in witchcraft and unleash some major badness.


The Craft + 10 more genre movies & shows to stream on Netflix in June
May 30, 2014

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