Cosplay We Love

From the insanely accurate to the completely original, Cosplay We Love highlights the costume play that catches our eye. We spotlight professional cosplayers and newcomers alike. 

The Cosplay of Wondercon Day 2
Apr 2, 2017

Feast your eyes on amazing work from the second day of Wondercon!

Cosplay We Love: Little girl is Wonder Woman. And her invisible jet
Feb 28, 2017

It's amazing what kids can do these days (with a little help from Dad).

Cosplay We Love: Fallout 4 power armor
Feb 27, 2017

Check out this video of a killer suit of Fallout power armor.

Cosplay We Love: Stunning C-3PO body paint transformation video
Jan 20, 2017

Watch this incredible time-lapse video of makeup artist Kay Pike as she morphs into the famous protocol droid.

Cosplay we Love: Definitive Stranger Things Demogorgon
Nov 4, 2016

Here's a Stranger Things Demogorgon from Halloween that'll send you to The Upside Down

Cosplay We Love: Terrific Star Wars tauntaun Halloween costume
Oct 17, 2016

Here's an incredible tauntaun costume and video showing how the woolly Hoth creature was created.

Cosplay we Love: Ginormous The Force Awakens' Grummgar
Aug 18, 2016

Check out the otherworldly girth of this monstrous Grummgar costume.