Doctor Strange, She-Hulk, Daredevil + 16 more killer Marvel Cosplay Covers
Jeff Spry

Here's a crazy kaleidoscope of cosplay covers to crave for September.

Cosplay We Love: Kickass Arkham Knight armor
Jeff Spry

Check out this striking Arkham Knight outfit fit for the silver screen.

The Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Day 2
Adam Swiderski

Take a gander at the parade of costumed freaks out celebrating their favorite costumed freaks. 

The Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Day 3
Adam Swiderski

As the Con swung into its biggest days, the cosplayers started swinging for the fences. Check them all out here.

Cosplay We Love: Wicked World of Warcraft Grommash
Jeff Spry

Behold this killer costume featuring the legendary chieftain of Warsong.

The cosplay of WonderCon 2015
Ernie Estrella

From Spider-Gwen to Oberyn Martell and everything in between, WonderCon's cavalcade of cosplay was mighty impressive.

This university student built his very own functional (sort of) Batsuit
Nathalie Caron

A university student with a bit of time on his hands has decided to build his very own functional Batsuit. Have a look.

Man gets dressed up as Green Lantern. For his wake.
Dany Roth

This just in -- cosplaying at a wake only marginally weirder than usual wake.

Cosplay We Love: Dalek Caan baby stroller
Jeff Spry

The Cult of Skaro lives in this adorably abominable baby buggy.

Wizard World Portland Comic-Con wrap-up + cosplay gallery
Jeff Spry

Here's the scoop on last weekend's geeky festivities in the Pacific Northwest.

Watch the lovefest that is the Hobbit effects creators meeting Hobbit cosplayers
Dany Roth

What happens when the people who make the movie magic meet the fans who try to imitate that movie magic? You guessed it -- the most magical magic of them all.