Which iconic comic stories are making a comeback? What is happening in the Marvel and DC universe? Check out the latest news about various comics here!

37-year-old Judge Dredd comic is finally getting an uncensored release

It’s been 37 years since anyone had a chance to read Judge Dredd’s The Cursed Earth in its uncensored form, but now the classic 2000 AD arc is finally getting an uncensored release.

Check out 2 new Star Wars books translated into animated comics

There’s an absolute onslaught of Star Wars stuff hitting shelves as we barrel toward the final countdown for The Force Awakens — and now we have two animated comics to help fill in a few gaps.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers coming back to life as new comic series

One of the greatest action franchises (for young adults of a certain age, of course) is coming back to life as a new BOOM! Studios comic. We’ll give you a hint: It’s morphin’ time!

Read This Next: The Sixth Gun, Harrow County and Genre Mashups

If you like Sixth Gun by Cullen Bunn, check out Bunn's Harrow County and read up as he walks us through the comic's inspirations.

Dynamite announces a new James Bond comic written by Warren Ellis

A new James Bond comic is exciting all by itself, but now Dynamite's added a superstar writer to the mix.

Shia LaBeouf just self-published the world's crappiest comic. Really.

We've all heard the stories—or worse, read the books—about the hot young actor who "loves" comics and gets involved with a publisher to make some generic book in the hopes of selling it to Hollywood as a starring vehicle. And then there's Transformers' Shia LaBeouf, who showed off his new comics at the C2E2 convention. Whoo boy.

Epic supercut swarms with every superhero movie in existence!

Buckle your seatbelt for a blistering ride through six decades of Hollywood's rocky love affair with caped crimefighters. Stitched into this monumental montage of tight spandex, spewing flame and dodged bullets are the heroes that make our pulse pound...and some other guys, too.

See 1st trailer for Kevin Smith's indie superhero comedy flick

Kevin Smith is putting his money where his mouth is by rallying support to distribute an all-new indie take on the super-hero genre, Alter Egos. And we've got the first trailer in all its weird, funky, super-powered glory.

Exclusive 1st look at Vertigo's psychic cops comic Collider

Who you gonna call for wormholes and quantum tornadoes? The Ghostbusters are probably a little unqualified, but you might want to get in touch with the psychic cops of Vertigo's new comic Collider—and we have the exclusive first look right here.

Can DC's motion comic commercials sell The New 52?

Let it never be said that DC isn't throwing its promotional weight behind its superhero relaunch. In addition to all the print press...

Thank you, Dr. Horrible! NBC working on supervillain-centric series

Hoping to mix up its schedule with a little comic edge, NBC is looking to the world of super villains for a new series that just entered development. Could a henchman for a hire be the next small screen anti-hero?