A Clockwork Orange

Jar Jar Binks and 15 more "Kick-Ass" sci-fi movie controversies
Jul 4, 2015

Kick-Ass, condemned in some quarters due to its violence and a ten-year-old girl who curses like a sailor and leaves a trail of dead bodies, is far from the only sci-fi or fantasy film to have created controversy.

Clockwork Orange star rips Trek, calls Avengers 'mindless crap'
Dec 17, 2012

Malcolm McDowell is well-versed in geek villainy. He was an anarchic teenager in A Clockwork Orange, a tyrannical emperor in Caligula and a star-destroying madman in Star Trek: Generations. Now he's taking aim at Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and The Avengers.

12 memorable sci-fi movie moments transformed into hypnotic GIFs
Dec 14, 2012

GIFs are nothing new—those short chunks of animation designed to prompt laughter, titillation, or just plain confusion. But some wizards have taken the GIF and turned it into art.

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Dec 14, 2012

Guess which sci-fi flick made the grade along with Last Tango in Paris and Straw Dogs.

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11 of our favorite sci-fi parodies of that song we'll never get out of our heads.