Mark Millar's time travel comic Chrononauts lands a screenwriter

Universal Pictures has finally announced who will adapt Mark Millar's Chrononauts for the big screen.

Mark Millar on Chrononauts film: 'We're working on it right now'
Aug 6, 2015

Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) put together one of the most enjoyable sci-fi comics of the year in Chrononauts, and now he’s offered up an update on the film adaptation. 

Mark Millar reveals the Hollywood origins of his zany time-travel comic-book series Chrononauts
Apr 24, 2015

Mark Millar's new comic-book series, Chrononauts, may head to the big screen soon, but did you know Hollywood called before he'd put pen to paper?

Mark Millar's acclaimed, new sci-fi comic Chrononauts headed to the big screen
Mar 20, 2015

Mark Millar churns out awesome comics, and Chrononauts is another stellar entry in the catalog. If there was ever a comic written for the big screen, it's this one.

What do you see in the optical illusion on the cover of Mark Millar's new comic, Chrononauts?
Mar 17, 2015

Not content to merely create a buzzy new comic, Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy decided to embed an intriguing illusion in the cover of the debut issue of Chrononauts.


First look at Mark Millar's 'Apollo 13 meets The Time Machine' comic Chrononauts
Nov 13, 2014

The mind behind Kick-Ass is cooking up a brand-new sci-fi comic called Chrononauts, and we have a first look at the “Apollo 13 meets The Time Machine” series right here.