Max Landis reveals the time-tripping Chronicle sequel pitch we’ll never get to see
Aug 24, 2015

The indie sci-fi flick Chronicle catapulted writer Max Landis and director Josh Trank onto the big stage, and now Landis has revealed the sequels he pitched before the studio replaced him for the followup.

Max Landis’ thoughtful take on Fantastic Four, how Hollywood works
Aug 11, 2015

If there’s anyone who has a unique angle on the fiasco that is Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, it’s his former collaborator, Max Landis. So, what does Landis make of this whole mess?

Chronicle's Max Landis adapting Dirk Gently for BBC America as a new TV series
Aug 5, 2015

Dirk Gently fans, rejoice! BBC America will bring us a brand-new series starring everyone's favorite holistic detective. With a twist.

Chronicle effects guru used 'big hamster wheel' for flying shots?
Jul 4, 2015

After generating some critical buzz, the low-to-mid budget superhero flick Chronicle lit up the box office to the tune of $22 million last weekend with its mix of found footage action and unique special effects. But how, exactly, did a movie with a $12 million budget pull off some of the coolest flying shots ever put to film? To hear the movie's visual-effects guru tell it, those awesome scenes didn't come easy.

Read Chronicle writer Max Landis' 436-page script for a Super Mario World movie
Oct 21, 2014

The Mario Bros. franchise helped kick off the videogame-to-movie craze, but that doesn’t mean that 1993 dud of a film was actually any good. Well, Max Landis wants a do-over.

Rumor of the day: Chronicle writer working on new Power Rangers script
May 15, 2014

When word broke that a reboot of Power Rangers was in the works, it tickled our nostalgia. But now that we know who might be writing the script, we’re getting pretty excited.

Is Chronicle 2 finally back on track?
Apr 1, 2014

After original writer Max Landis parted ways with the studio, it seemed like the odds for a Chronicle sequel were starting to dwindle. But the found-footage series could finally be back on track.

Chronicle writer reveals his '@#$!-ing weird' Superman pitch
Dec 17, 2012

With a Superman reboot already in the pike in Man of Steel, Chronicle writer Max Landis has chimed in to reveal what'd he'd like to do if DC ever hired him to take on the Caped Crusader. His idea? Focus on the "normal guy," as opposed to the Kryptonian demigod. Hey, it worked for Chronicle.

That Fantastic Four reboot might have just hit a major snag
Dec 17, 2012

For a while now, it seemed like that long-awaited Fantastic Four reboot was really starting to gain steam, especially with Chronicle director Josh Trank getting behind the camera. But now the production may have hit a roadblock that even the Thing himself might not be able to dislodge.

Which Spidey villain will get his own movie with the Chronicle guy directing?
Dec 17, 2012

Now that they've got their Amazing Spider-Man reboot up and running (and hitting theaters this summer), Sony is looking to expand on their little corner of the Marvel Universe and they're giving one of the webslinger's Big Bads—one whose already been on the big screen—a shot at solo glory.

Chronicle writer spills some juicy details on the sequel
Dec 17, 2012

Max Landis, writer of the found footage superhero hit Chronicle, is already hard at work putting together his plan for part two—and it sounds even cooler than the first installment. Spoilers ahead for the first Chronicle!

Check out the wild test footage that got Chronicle the green light
Dec 17, 2012

The found footage super-powered teen flick Chronicle was one of the surprise hits of the year—but without this weird, uneven concept scene it might not have ever happened.

Viral stunt for Chronicle has us believing a man can fly
Dec 16, 2012

The skies over New York City are usually pretty crowded: traffic heading to one of three airports, traffic and news helicopters, stray balloons. But if you looked up last week, you might've seen what looked like three men, streaking through the air like Superman. All in the name of promoting Fox's super-powered teens flick, Chronicle.

17 super-powered teens who prove villainy isn't just for grown-ups
Dec 16, 2012

Teenage angst mixed with superhuman abilities is a recipe for disaster. Just ask the janitor at the high school of Stephen King's Carrie. But it's also a recipe for a great film, which is why we are excitedly looking forward to Chronicle hitting theaters today.

POLL: Are you getting tired of 'found footage' movies and TV shows?
Dec 16, 2012

Ever since 1999's The Blair Witch Project captivated audiences, filmmakers have been obsessed with using that shaky, documentary style to give their genre projects some juice, like the recent superpowered teens flick Chronicle and TV's The River. But has it worn out its welcome?